Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Naughty Kitty

The Naughty Kitty

Supples :.

Wee Scott lass mask # 147 get it HERE.
Gold separator bar HERE.
Soft fuzz paint brush.
Floral brush of choice
Font ~ The Nautigal  size 24, stroke width 1.0
I am using the art of Al Rio who is now with ScrapsandtheCity among other sites

1. Open a new image ( file > new ) measuring 700 x 600 , make sure transparent is ticked ..

2. Set foreground and background color to black and flood fill transparent image with black.

3. Get the mask, click on border of mask, then go to LAYERS > new mask layer > from image - .

4. Left click on the mask image , then right click " copy " , left click on your black image then right click " paste as new layer " , THEN MERGE VISIBLE.

6. Using your selection tool, on the bottom and top bars , take the selection tool and draw a long rectangle the shape of the bar leaving edges around it ( see my tag ) , release the selection tool and you should have marching ants in.side the bar.

7. Change foreground and background colors to gradient, metal brass , put an angle on it and a repeat of 1 ( when the Box pops up choose an angle and select 1 as your repeater) and flood fill the marching ants with the gold/brass gradient Selections>. Select none . Repeat on bottom bar..

8. Get the embellishment  copy and paste it between top bar and main image and repeat between bottom bar and main image, paste as new selection , drop shadow ..selections > select none >

9. Change foreground and background colors to peach ( top right color on your color palette )

Then get your paint brush tool on the left and pick your soft fuzz brush , very light click here and there on the main area of the mask .

10 . Using the selection tool, draw or pull out a rectangle following the edges of the main part of the mask , get marching ants then I used the filter xero " frittiliary " .

11. Get your floral brush and use the peach color, opacity 60 % , size of floral brush 200. Left click them onto your image.

Keep looking at my tag so you can see what I did ..

12. Find a tube with an image that is lying down and put it on there by copy and paste as new selection, drop shadow > selections > select none  .

13. I used xero filter " porcelain " after tag was complete to give it that nice deep rich coloring .
14 . Properly credit your tag , then save as PNG file .

This tutorial is solely my creation Barbie L 2010 . Please do not copy, reproduce, claim as your own or use on any website without my written permission.

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