Monday, May 31, 2010

The Dusty Cowgirl

Dusty Cowgirl
Mask # 5 by ScrapDimension  HERE
Scrapkit Country Jamboree by Chica HERE
From the scrapkit use :
a. wagon wheel #3 resize by 65%
b. stitiched garden resized by 75%
c. wrapped bouquet # 3
d. wooden plaque #1 resized by 75%
e. hat # 1 resized to 25% mirrow image now or later
f. charm # 2
g. word art # 1 wild west resize to 28%
h. bow # 11 resized by 40%

I am using the stunning artwork of Barbara Jensen
Find it HERE

XERO  filter/plugin HERE

Font - Rough Riders HERE
** If you do not resize your elements, your tag will not resemble mine **
A. Always merge visible when you add a new element
B. Always " paste as new selection when you copy an element onto your image so that you can place it where you want it unless otherwise indicated
C. Always save my tut tags as PNG files
D. Drop shadow settings are vertical 3 and horizontal 1 , opacity 100, blur 4

Let's Begin

1. Open a new file in psp, 600 x 600, tick the transparent box
2. In materials palette, change foreground and background colors to #53451e
3. Flood fill new file
4. Open SD mask # 5  > Layers > New Mask Layer >" from image ", copy and paste onto flood filled  >image " as a new layer " . Merge Visible. Set aside . Delete mask.
5. Copy and paste the wrapped floral bouquet # 3 on the right side of your mask image "as new selection", >Effects > 3D effects >drop shadow using settings above in HINTS  and selects> select none.
6. Copy and paste wagon wheel # 3 " as new layer ", so that it centers itself ,> Effects >3D effects .drop shadow >selections> select none

7.Copy and paste stitched garden onto the wagon wheel as new selection so that you can position it downward as shown, allowing the wagon wheel to show > Effects >3D effects > drop shadow>selections >  select none .
8. Tube of choice ,I am using Lil Cowgirl by Barbara Jensen- copy and paste tube" as new selection",position tube in center , slightly leftward, > Effects >3D effects > drop shadow, selections> select none
9. Get the resized word art , and copy and paste  as new selection onto resized wooden plaque # 1 .Selections> select none .Get your pick tool ( second tool down in psp on the left ) , stretch the resized plaque 1/4 inch on each side, copy and paste "as new image." Then copy and paste" as new selection" onto your tag , covering the bottom of your tube , Effects >3D effects >  drop shadow> selections>,select none .
10. Get the resized hat # 1, > imge > mirror .  Copy and paste the resized hat onto the right side curve of your wood plaque, " as new selection " Effects > 3D effects . drop shadow,> selections>select none .
11. Get charm # 2, copy and paste as new selection onto left side of image," as new selection" > Effects . 3D effects > drop shadow> selections >,select none
12. Get resized bow # 11, copy and paste at top of charm element," as new selection ". Effects > 3D effects . drop shadow>selections>,select none.

** if you are going to resize your tag , do it now , to 90% > Adjust > sharpen **

13 Use Xero filter > Porcelain , settings  : softness 50%, strenth 67, colors red 0, green 50%, blue 80%
14.  Properly credit your tag .
12. Save as PNG file

Thanks for trying my tut , I hope you enjoyed it !

This tutorial was written by me, its concept and creation is solely my own . Do not copy, rewrite, or post on any website or in any group  without my expressed written permission
5/2010 Barbie L

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