Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Snow Tutorial



1. Vanderlee Snowflakes  HERE
2. Jpeg image of your choice  I used a tag with the stunning art of Barbara Jensen , purchase Barbara's art HERE
3. Jasc Animation shop

Lets get started

1. Make sure layers palette is checked and open
2.Duplicate  your  jpeg image 6 times , for a total of 7 layers.
3. Highlight the bottom layer on your layers palette
4.. Effects > plugins> vanderlee snowflakes
Use these settings in the vanderlee snowflakes window:
 top middle box 50%
amount 30
minimum size 0
maximum size 9
hardness 90
transparency 0
snow color -basic snow
Random seed 0
Click "OK" > close off layer
5. Get next layer from bottom , leave all settings in vanderlee window the same except " Random seed" change to 100. Click "ok" close off layer.
6. Continue each layer the same except increase the random seed by 100 each layer .
7. Once all layers have had snow added to them , increasing increments of random seed by 100, open bottom layer > copy > open Animations shop " paste as new image "
8.Close off that layer in Psp, get the next layer from the bottom and  copy  > animation shop > paste " after selected frame " .
9. Continue this process until all layers are moved to animations shop and pasted " after current frame "
10 . Once you have all your layers in animation shop, click " view animation"  >  save as GIF file .

This tutorial was written by Barbie L 2007. Please do not copy , reproduce  , claim as your own or post on any site without my expressed written permission.

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