Sunday, July 25, 2010

Annias Heart Tutorial

Annia's Heart


1. Candy Hearts Supplies HERE
2. WSL Mask # 263 HERE
3. Scrapkit by SG  HERE  ( the elements needed are in the supply folder , OK per TOU ) 
4. I am using the stunning artwork of Elias Chatzoudis  purchase the tube called Annia HERE 

** Hints **
Drop Shadow settings Vertical 3, Horizontal 2, Opacity 100, Blur  4.00.
Resize  the double hearts and glass heart to 85%.

Lets Get Started !

1. Open a new image in psp ( file > new )   600 x 600 pixels  , tick the transparent box . Set the materials palette colors f/g and b/g to  # dd84d9.  Flood fill new file .

2. Open WSL mask #  263.  Layers > new mask layer > from image. Copy and paste new mask layer onto flood filled image " as new layer "  Layers > merge visible.  Delete mask .  Highlight new image in the layers palette, double click it . When box opens, decrease opacity to 35%. > Click OK .

3. Open starlight sparkle from supply folder .  Adjust > hue and saturation > colorize . Hue  232 Saturation  124. Copy and paste onto tag " as new selection" . I moved mine slightly leftward off center. Selections > select none.  ( do not drop shadow )

4.  Open double hearts element from supplies. If you have not aleady resized these to 85%, do it now. Adjust > hue and Saturation  > colorize > hue 232/ sat 124.  Copy and paste onto tag " as new selection" position as shown, centered and near the top of your tag , once in position , Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow. ( Use settings found in hints area at top of tutorial )   Selections > select none .

5.  Open  Babies breath from supplies .  Change Hue and Saturation to  settings in step 4.  Copy and paste onto right side of image " as new selection ", position as shown near the bottom ( about 2/3 of the way down )  keep off of right side edge of tag about 1/2 inch.  Selection s> select none . Do not drop shadow on these babies breath.  Left click again on babies breath element ,> Copy > paste onto image " as new selection ' onto right side of image near top moving lefward just a bit  and centered over the right heart as shown . Selections > select none.  Left click again on babies breath element .  Image > mirror . Copy > paste " as new selection"  about halfway down on the left side of tag   as shown . Selections > select none.

6. Open Calla Lilly by Rainbow Coffi from supplies folder  .  Copy and paste onto heart frame " as new selection " position carefully as shown with  tip of the left calla lilly touching up agains the right heart as shown.  Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow using settings from hints at top of tutorial .( these should not have changed from previous use )  

7. Open ribbon from supplies.  Adjust > hue and saturation > colorize  ( settings should still be the same as when you changed them in step 4 )  . Click OK .  Copy and paste ribbon across bottom of tag " as new selection "  , follow this directive carefully , The tip of ribbon on right side should be 4 blocks up from bottom  of image... and on left side should be  5 blocks up from bottom and centered on the tag .  Efffects > 3D effects > drop shadow . Selections > select none.   

8. Open floral separater from supplies .  Adjust > hue and Saturation ( same settings as before ) Colorize >  hue  232, Saturation  124.  Copy and paste onto ribbon " as new selection " position as shown with tip of leaf touching tip of ribbon as shown.  Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow> Selections > select none . Left click on  separater element again . Image > mirror .  Copy and paste onto Right side of ribbon and position the same way . Effects . 3D effects > drop shadow . Selections > select none .

9. Open glass heart from suppplies .  Adjust > hue and saturation > colorize using same settings.  Copy > paste onto bottom of tag on right side " as new selection"  as shown making sure heart is even with the heart frame above it and that it overlaps it as shown . Also , the bottom tip of heart should just touch bottom  edge of  ribbon . Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow. Selections > select none.

10. Open artist tube of choice, again, I am using the gorgeous art of Elias Chatzoudis from MPT, the tube is called Annia and purchase is required , she is on page 4 of his site on MPT.  I resized my tube by  85% and I did not sharpen it after resizing.  Copy and paste onto tag " as new selection " and position as shown . Effects > 3 D effects > drop shadow.  Selections > select none .

11. Open Gift tag from supplies kit , copy and paste onto Tag as shown on left side , covering bottom of calla lilly and top of  glass heart . Effects > 3D effects >  drop shadow . Selections > select none.

12. Resize tag to 90%  > Add proper credits >  Save as PNG file .

Thank you for trying my tutorial . 
This tag and tutorial were created by Barbie on 7/25/10. Its concept and creation are solely my own . Do not copy , reproduce or claim as  your own.  Do not  post to any website without my expressed/written permission.

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