Wednesday, June 9, 2010



Supplies  Here
* NOTE* - Some supplies no longer available, please choose a paper of your choice and a doodle of your own choice for this tutorial.
Materials palette color # 758e62 for masking
Materials Palette color  gradient fg, 758e62 bg for font
Font - FleurDelLeah

Lets get started

1. Open a new image in psp sized 675 x 500

2. Materials palette fg and bg  758e62

3. Get paint brush tool , > soft brush >  size 190 , opacity 75%.  Shade an area the same size and shape as the cluster frame  on your new image ( make sure you have the paint brush and not the air brush tool )  do  this by  tapping on your left clicker on the mouse. Do not hold the left clicker down or it will not come out nicely shaded . Effects > soften . Effects > textures > antique mosaic .

4. Copy and paste agi doodle # 5 onto right side of image as new selection  > selections> select none. ( the butterfly should be on the right on the doodle, if its not , then > image > mirror  before you paste as new selection.

5. Copy and paste the green paper onto the right side of the image as new selection ( carefully  position this as your frame needs to cover it so dont paste too close to the edge ,  you may have to play with this a bit until you get it positioned just so check my tag to judge distance  )  . Leave marching ants in place .

6. Copy and paste cluster frame over paper as new selection , position to cover paper > selections > select none .

7.  Cris Ortega tube > resize  75% > Image > Free Rotate  5.00 right . Copy and paste " as new selection" over frame , > drop shadow  settings vertical 0 , horizontal2  , blurr 4.00,  opacity 100.  Selections > select none.

8. Resize image to 90% > Adjust > sharpen .

9. Copy and paste Cris Ortega credits onto tag in lower right corner  as new selection > selections> select none. Save image as  PNG file .

10 Font  color as noted in supplies

This tag and tutorial was created and written by Barbie L on 6/09/10. Please do not copy,reproduce, or claim as your own. Please do not post to any site without my expressed written permission. This creation is solely my own .  

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