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The beautiful art of Anna Marine HERE
WSL mask attached # 84. Get it HERE  
Scrapkits by BlueDream Designs, unrequited love and from the heart.
You can get both kits HERE
Kimberly Breach's easel ( check your email from 5/21/10) or email or contact Kimberly through her website @ Silent Angel Designs HERE    flood fill the canvas of easel with color # #fdd7d8..
Color of brush #8d2f31..Use a floral brush of choice. This is also the color of the mask.

Barbies babies breath and Brush HERE , change hue and saturation , hue 0, saturation 134

Resize this to 85%..

Font - Broadway BT, I have no idea where I got that one .
I am using the gorgeous art of  Anna Marine get it HERE

Drop shadow settings are : vertical 2, horizontal 2, blur 4, opacity 100
Always copy and paste elements as new selections so that you can put them where you want and wont need to use your move tool unless otherwise indicated.  


1. Take all your elements and size or color them as directed above...

2. Open a new file in psp 600 x 600 , (you can resize later) tick the transparent box.

3. Copy and paste the attached mask onto your new file" as a new layer"  , merge visible ALWAYS,
 Get the foral brush of your choice and use size 313 put it on the left side of your mask, then .> image> mirror and do it again on the other side .

4. Get the maroon colored lillies from the scrapkit unrequited love , resize them til they look like mine, I have resized these months ago when I downloaded the kit so I have no idea how often u need to resize , sorry, copy and paste  them" as new selection" on the right side of the mask centered about halfway down,> Effects >3D effects > Effects > 3D effects >  drop shadow >,selections > select none . click image>; mirror. And copy and paste "as new selection" on the left side , higher than the right , > Effects >3D effects > drop shadow,selections > select none . .

5. Set your foreground color to a dark maroon and the background color light pink( u can use the colors above in the supplies ) .

6. Using a large non cursive font size 24, stroke width 1.0.  Type out " PAINT THE SOUL"  and fit it to your canvas near the bottom , refer to my tag for positioning, Effects > inner bevel #2,smoothness 0,depth 20, ambience 0 , shadown 0. Angel 315, intensity 50, elevation 30. > Effects > 3D effects > Drop shadow, merge visible ..

7. Copy and paste " as new selection" your babies breath over the lillies , inward toward the center of your file but leave it close enough that it shows from out behind the easel, Do not drop shadow in them > selections > select none  .Image >; mirror , paste on the other side as new selection.> selections > select none > .
8. Copy and paste your pink canvas'd easel in the center of the file " as new selection", sitting it right down into your font , > Effects > 3D effects >  drop shadow, > selections > select none ..

9. Get the babies breath, resize it by 85% twice , maybe three times, I cant remember, Image >; rotate left , copy and paste babies breath along top edge of easel as new selection Do not drop shadow > selections > select none. ..

10. Get the maroon ribbon from the scrapkit unrequited love , the one that looks like ric rac.without the zig zags, its a doodle kind of ribbon and resize as shown, sorry I cant remember how I resized it when I downloaded the kit months ago copy and paste onto right side of easel  " as new selection".> Effects > 3D effects > ,drop shadow, selections > selection none.

11. Get the sheer maroon ribbon  from the above scrapkit it came from ,resize to fit ,copy and paste on left side of easelas new selections > selections > select none .. You can add a drop shadow if you like the look, its optional but looks better to me without a drop shadow .

12. Get the little white bow with the jewel in the middle,.its bow # 3 from the from the heart kit , resize it to fit over the center of the maroon ribbon bow >" paste as new selection" > Effects > 3 D effects >drop shadow,selections > select none.

13. Get the tube of your choice, I used Anna Marine , you can purchase it at CILM , copy and paste the tube with her hair hanging just over the bottom edge of the easel . Effects > 3D effects>drop shadow > selections > select none.

14. If you want to resize your tag do it now to 90% > Adjust > sharpen.
15. Be sure to properly credit your tag
Save as PNG file .
This Tutorial was solely my creation in both tag composition and concept . Please do not copy, reproduce, or claim it as your own. Do not post on any website without my expressed permission.
Created by Barbie L 5/2010

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