Sunday, June 6, 2010

Love Angie



                       1. Template by DenzDesignz HERE.
                          2 Artwork by Keith Garvey " Rider: HERE
3. Mask WSL #259 here
                       4. Font : Bleeding Cowboys HERE
                   5. Doodle Iron butterflies  HERE

** HINTS**
A. Materials Palette color for font  gradient metal brass for foreground and choose 1 repeat , angle your choice. For background color use #71513f,.
B. Materials Palette color for mask  # 400000 f/g and b/g
C. Drop shadow settings Vertical 4, horizontal 2, blur 4.00 opacity 100.
**This tag looks best on a brown or tan background**


1. Open a new file in psp 600 x 600 , tick transparent box

2. Flood fill box with color  #400000. Adjust > Hue and Saturation> Colorize . Change hue to 4, saturation to 70.

3. Open WSL Mask 259  Layers > new mask layer > from image . Copy and  paste this image onto flood filled file  " as new layer " > merge visible.  Delete mask 259.

4. Open Iron butterfly doodle , copy and paste " as new layer " onto your image. Merge visible.

5. Open Denz template . I resized mine to 110 %. Close off copyright layer on template in layers palette. Highlight each remaining layer in layers palette . Click on template,right click , merge either visible or merge down which ever option is available ( i tried this twice with two different options ). Copy and paste template onto image " as new selection ". Position as shown. Effects > 3D effects >  Drop shadow using settings in hints above.

6. In circle on right side of template > magic wand > marching ants . Plugin cybia screenworks ( see link at right side of page in this blogsite under filters and plugins, its free ) Choose " box dot " from dropdown list in screenworks , amount 0. > DO NOT deselect , leave the marching ants in place on this circle . 
7. Middle circle on template > magic wand > Adjust > Add/remove noise > add noise . Use these settings : Gaussian > Noise 24 > tick monochrome box . > Selections > select none .

8. Open Garv Rider tube . Close off  headshot  and  copyright info in layers palette. Highlight full body image  > copy and paste onto template/tag image  as shown. Keep shoulder of tube just touching white rim of middle circle on template as shown >  Effects > 3D effects >drop shadow > selections > select none .. 

9. Open headshot and close off all other layers on Garv tube . Highlight head shot in layers palette.  Get your selection tool ( 3rd down on right/ in magic wand ) . Place the cross in the very upper left corner of the head shot and holding down left mouse ,  drag it out to the lower right side capturing to just the bottom edge of her necklace . You are basically selecting her head and neck and shoulders . Release mouse.Copy > place mouse cursor inside middle circle that you did the noise in ( marching ants should still be waiting there ) > paste" into selection".

10. Place magic wand inside left circle on template > marching ants ..( Optional repeat step # 6 now and apply cybia screen works mosaic  )

11. Go back to the Garv headshot image , left click on it > selections > select none . Get the selections tool ( 3rd down on left /in magic wand 0 ) Starting halfway down the head shot on the left , hold down left click on mouse and again pull out adn down toward the right lower side , capturing her bust , release mouse. Right click > copy > paste into the left circle on your template  as shown. .Selections > Select none.

12. If you are going to resize your tag , do  it now to 85 or 90% > Adjust > sharpen .

13. Add proper credits . Save as PNG file

This tag and tutorial were created by Barbie L on 6/6/10. This is solely my creation. Do not copy , reproduce .share , or post to any site without my expressed and written permission . Do not claim as your own.

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