Sunday, June 6, 2010



1. SD Mask # 4  HERE
  2. Ismael Rac Tube of choice   HERE
3. Template Rac babe HERE
4. Floral brush of choice
5. Xero filter fritilliary
6 .Materials palette color #076b69 - fg and bg
7 .Voodoo Roses HERE  -  Resize  to 85%

**HINTS **
 Drop shadown settings : Vertical 3, Horizontal 2,blur 4.00, opacity100 unless otherwise indicated .
Always copy and paste as new seletion unless otherwise indicated


1. Open a new file in psp , tick the transparent box . Flood fill file with #076b69

2. Open SD mask # 4 > Layers > new mask layer > from image . Copy and past onto flood filled file " as new layer " > merge visible. Delete SD mask.

3. Open template " Rac Babe " . Close off all frames in layer palette except the rectangle. Highlight rectangle in layers palette. Get soft fuzz brush size to 130, very lightly click randomly over rectangle.

4. Plugins > effects> fritilliary . Settings : Granularity 5, Agression 30, Tessilation 10, Variation 0

5. Get floral brush of choice, size of choice and apply lightly  over fritilliary rectangle.
6. Open rectangle frame in layers palette , change materials palette foreground to gradient > metal brass> repeats 1 angle 125 style -tic first box . Flood fill frame with gradient. Change materials palette foreground color back to #076b69 > merge visible .

7. Open Rac black X in layers palette > flood fill with #076b69. Open Rac Babe word art in layers pallette Open Rac babe x frame in layers palette. Change foreground color in materials palette to gradient again and flood fill frame around the X . Merge visible. Effects > 3D effects > Drop shadow now .

8. Open Voodoo roses  > Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize > Hue 130 > Saturation 156 > OK.  Copy and paste the Roses onto the mask image righward near the bottom as shown  " as new selection" >Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow> selections > select none .

9. Copy and paste the template ( rectangle and the x ) onto your mask image " as new selection" Check for positioning over the roses, position as shown. Effects > 3D effects > Drop shadow. Selections > select none.

10. Get Rac tube  Close off full size image . Highlight image as shown in  your layers palette.Effects > 3D effects > Drop shadow on tube with these settings : Vertical -1 ( minus one ) Horizontal 3, blur 4, opacity 90.  Copy and paste image  " as new selection".  Be careful with postioning along that bottom edge . Once positioned correctly > selections > selections none.

11. Resize V roses to 50%, copy and paste onto image " as new selection :  as shown over bottom  left side of rectangle >Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow > selections > select none . Merge all layers visible.

12. If you are going to resize the tag, do it now to either 85 or 90 % > Adjust > sharpen. Add Proper credits . Save as PNG file .

Thank you for trying my tutorial !
** Note , image as shown doesn't have frame around the X , my mistake,  step is included in the tutorial **

This tutorial was written by Barbie L on 6/5/10.  Its concept and creation are solely my own. Please do not copy , reproduce or claim as your own . Do not post to any site without my expressed and  written permission.

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