Sunday, March 26, 2017

Easter Bunny Time

Easter Bunny Time


I am using my scrap kit Easter Bunny Time. Get it HERE

* Hints*
A. Never use the original elements in psp, always copy and paste as a new image and use the new image to preserve the integrity of the elements in the kit.

B. Drop shadow settings: vertical 2, horizontal 1, blur 2, opacity 2.

Let's Get started!

1. Open EBT Lace in PSP. Copy, paste as new image. Delete the original.  Open the floral mask and copy and paste> as a new selection onto the lace> select none. Set base image aside in psp.

2. Open ribbon 1 from kit. Copy and paste as new image and delete the original. Resize to 80%.Copy and paste onto the base image so that the bottom edge is approximately 8 blocks from the bottom. Effects> Drop shadow> selections> select none.

3. Open floral and grass element and copy and paste as new image, delete original. Resize element to 90%. In the toolbar, click on image>mirror. Copy and paste onto the right side of built image so that the boittom of the grass sits on the green ribbon and the edge of the flowers are off the grid or over the edge of your image on the right side. Effects> drop shadow. Copy and paste as a new image and delete the previous work.

4. Open frame 2. Copy and paste as a new image and delete the original. Resize the frame to 90%.  Copy and Paste > as new selection taking care to paste so that the very right tip of the daffodils sprig on the right side of the frame are in the 19th pixel block from the bottom right and in the first row. This should center your frame over the pink lace element on your base image.
5. Open vintage gals element. Copy and paste as a new image and again, delete the original. Copy> Paste as new selection. Copy and paste the new image onto your frame so that the girls feet are just at the bottom edge of the frame. Drop shadow. Selections> select none.
6. Open a new image - File> new. Dimensions 750 x 650 and 72.00 pixels/inch. Open the grassy vine element. Copy and paste as new image and delete the original. Copy and paste the grassy vine element onto the new file so that it is centered well and about one pixel square off the bottom edge of  your new imaqe.  Effects> drop shadow> selections none.
7. We are almost done!  Get your tag image. Resize it down to 90%. Copy> paste as > new selection over your grassy vine and position as shown. On one tag, I used at drop shadow at this point and the other I did not. If you prefer to add shadow here, do it now. Then Selections> select none.
8. Resize your tag down to 85- 90%. I used the xero filter plugin> porcelain. Settings softness 40.....colors- red 35% and blue 35%. Click ok. 
9. Copy and paste my credits for the scrap kit onto the tag where it is visible. Find the credits in the kit beside the TOU.

This tutorial was created by me on March 26, 2017. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please do not copy or add my tutorials to any web site. These are for personal use only. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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