Saturday, December 8, 2018

Pink Frost

Pink Frost

Tags and kit example. Tutorial below


Pink Frost Tutorial

I am using PSP 18, any version will work if you are proficient in PSP
I used the beautiful art of Jessica Dougherty and my scrap kit Pink Frost, HERE.

Let's get started!

1. Open a new blank canvas, 780 x 650, tick the transparent box.
2. Open lace mask from kit. Copy and Paste as new layer onto canvas. Trim edges off and away of desired, using eraser brush.
3. Open snow scatter from kit. Resize to 85% and copy and paste las new selection and position in the lower area of canvas so that fit is one block from bottom and one block from left side of canvas.
4. Open gold doodle.  Resize to 85%. Copy and paste onto canvas as new selection, position 2 blocks from top and 6 blocks from right side of canvas. Effects> 3D effects>Drop shadow using settings of 2 vertical, 1 horizontal, 3.00 blur and color black. Keep these drop shadow settings for later.
5. Open white tree from kit. Resize by 85%. Copy and paste as new selection onto canvas as shown with top of tree about one block from top edge of canvas.
6. Open mask template (tag back) from kit. Copy and paste onto canvas as new layer.
7. Copy and paste tube of choice onto template as shown. I used the art of Jessica Dougherty.
8. Open frame 2 from kit.  Copy and paste as new image.  Resize to 85%. Edit, repeat resize five more times. Adjust> hue and saturation> vibrancy. If you do not have this setting, use sharpen. Open tube of choice. Right click inside one of the frames. Magic wand. Marching ants. Copy and paste your tube into the frame. Selections, select none. Repeat for second frame. Set this aside.
9. Open pink ribbon from kit. Copy and paste onto canvas as shown, with knot in bow at lower right corner of tag template. Effects>3D effects> drop shadow. Selections>select none.
10. Get the two diamond shaped frames set aside earlier and copy and paste as new selection and position as shown.
11. Use font of choice. I used Bickham Script Fancy font.

Thanks for trying my tutorial. Do not copy, reproduce or claim as your own. Do not hotlink. Please send people directly here to my site. This tutorial was created by me on December 8, 2018 and is solely my creation. Any resemblance to another tag or tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

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