Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Irish Myths

Irish Myths

1. I am using the beautiful kit by Puddicat Creations called " Irish Myths" .
2. I am using the gorgeous art of Tom Hoover, it is no longer available, but you can use tube of choice.
3.Template by Sasi HERE
4. I use PSP X2 but this should work in any version of PSP. 
Let's Get Started

1. Open a new file in PSP sized 600 x 600.  Change colors in Materials palette to dark green.  Flood fill new file .  In tools palette choose  "view"> ruler.  Using your elipse tool Pull out an oval  about 450 wide and 500 high.  Effects> texture effects> blinds.  Highlight oval in layers palette and  reduce opacity to 35.  Open a new file in PSP now known as "tag" > size 600 x 600 .  Copy and paste blinds oval onto new file as new layer> layers> merge visible.

2. Open Paper # 2 from kit. Open frame # 1 and set aside.   Using selection tool found in magic wand in tools palette, change shape to elipse, mode>replace>feather=1>tick anti alias box.  Pull out an oval slightly less in size than the frame you set aside above. 

3. Open template by sasi ( either one dated 2-17)  and close off all layers except sheer ribbon banner.  Highlight ribbon in layers palette and copy and paste as new image. Copy adn paste onto tag  from step one " as new selection" and postion 1/2 block from each side and 4 blocks from bottom of tag.  Selections> none.

4. Open pdc leaves 2 from kit.  Copy and paste onto tag "as new selection" , postion as shown across very bottom of tag,  make sure its centered at bottom> effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections>none.

5.  Open a NEW  file in PSP  size 600 x 600.   Copy and paste oval paper from step #2 as new layer> layers> merge visible.  Get Oval frame.  Resize to 80%.  Effects>3D effects> drop shadow ( settings vertical 2, horizontal 1, opacity 100,  blur 3.00 , color black).  Copy and paste frame over paper # 2, center it to make sure no edges of paper show outside of the frame. ( you may have to resize either paper or frame to fit).  Set this aside for now.

6. Open clover 1 from kit.  Copy and paste onto "tag" as new selection and position in 7th block from the top and 3rd block from the right side. Effects> 3 d effects> drop shadow.

7. Open doodle #1 from kit.  Image> resize to 75%.  Using pick tool push sides in by 100 left and right.   Copy and paste onto tag "as new selection" and position onto tag  so that the top right side of doodle is  in 4th block from top and 3rd block from right side>effects>3D effects>drop shadow> selections>none. .  Open clover # 1 again and copy and paste as new selection, position toggled over first clover and rightward as shown > effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections>none.

8. Open tube of choice if you do not have the Tom Hoover tube.  Copy and paste into/over frame as new selection and position as desired ( i cannot tell you how as I do not know what tube you are using).  Effects>3D effects>drop shadow.

9. Copy and paste frame and tube onto "tag" and position as shown>effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections> select none. 

10 Open clover 1 from kit and copy and paste onto tag as new selection> position as shown over right side of frame > effects> 3D effects> drop shadow> selections> select none.

11. Open birds from kit.  (I used my magic wand and hightlighted blue areas of the birds and changed hue and saturation to a green).  Copy and paste birds onto left side of tag as new selection and position as shown> effects>3D effects> drop shadow. Selections> none.

12.  In tools palette , deselect rulers.   Image> resize tag to 90%.  Add proper credits and you are done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial.  Do not copy, reproduce in any way or claim as your own. Do not copy to any website, blog,forum or group.  Copy link only to to my site . Tag and tutorial are solely my creations.  Do not translate.   

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  1. Awesome tag Hun I totally love it and thank you so much for my tag I got it posted on my blog woo hoo love it.
    Hugs Cindy