Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Watcher


Mask of choice
Babes Designz Mask 8  HERE
Leopard Tube by Cliff Bonamie HERE
or   HERE
PTU Scrapkit " A walk in the woods "  HERE
Materials Palette Color f/g and bg   #4c4b1f
Cybia Screenworks plugin HERE
Doodle of your choice

Let's Begin

1 Open a new file in psp 600 x 600 ( we can resize later ), tick the transparent box and copy and paste the doodle " as a new layer " move this box to the side
2.Open a new file ,same size ,  transparent and  Flood fill box ( color 4c4b1f )
3. Get the Babes design mask # 8 , >layers > new mask layer > from image > merge visible
4.Copy and paste the mask onto your doodle " as new layer " > merge visible 
5. Get the Kristy mask # 8 > layers > new mask layer > from image . Use plugin Cybia screen works Mosaic on this mask, > merge visible,copy and paste " as new layer " onto your other mask.
6. Get the Bonamie or other wildlife tube of choice and copy and paste " as new selection" onto your mask layers > drop shadow > selections > select none.
7.Get the ferns from the Scrapkit " walk in the woods " and resize apropriately ( I believe i resized mine by 85% 3 times ) , copy and paste onto bottom edge of masks " as new selection"  > selections > select none.
8. Resize tag to 90 % .
9. Apply proper credits
10. Save as PNG file  

This tutorial was written and conceived by Barbie L, do not copy , reproduce or claim as your own in any way. Do not post to any site without my expressed written permission.

** note : i was unable to locate Kristy's site for direction to download the mask, if you know of the site please make me aware so that I can correct the tutorial **

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