Thursday, October 18, 2012

New tutorial.....Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness
1. Scrapkit "Tenderness of Pink" by ZlataDesigns
2. Horizontal ribbon of choice
3. String Doodle of choice. Or use the floral string from my kit Marooned HERE
a.) Straight pin from same kit
b.) M mask from same kit 
4. I am using the stunning art of Jennifer Janesko HERE
The tube I am using was purchased at CILM, you must have a license to  use Jennifer's art.
5. Mask by Gem Masks #206 HERE free
6. Xero Filter-Porcelain

 Drop shadow settings Horizontal 2, vertical 1, opacity 100, blur 2, color black
Always merge "visible" to maintain png format
It is highly recommended that you read through this entire tutorial before you begin. This tutorial was written beginner friendly.

Let's get started !

1. Open a new file in PSP sized 650 x 600 ( we will resize later). Using magic wand left click inside file> marching ants.  Open paper 30 from Zlata's kit > copy > paste into selection>selections>select none.

2. Open Gem mask # 206. Resize to 135%. Adjust>sharpen. Layers>new mask layer > from image.  Copy and paste onto newly created paper "as new layer". Layers> merge visible.  Delete original mask.

3. Open a new file in psp, same size as first.   Copy and paste mask onto new file " as new layer" layers > merge visible. Open "M" mask from Marooned kit.  Using pick tool, move all sides in by 3 blocks.  Copy and paste mask onto bottom third of new file/mask " as new selection" .  Take care to keep light edges of this mask off edge of new file to avoid flat line on your tag

4. Open floral string doodle from marooned kit, resize to 87%. Copy and paste onto new file (now known as " tag ") as new selection  in third block from left side and 3rd block from bottom of tag.  Effects >3D effects> drop shadow> selections>select none. 

5. Open horizontal ribbon of choice and copy and paste onto and over floral string doodle " as new selection" > effects>3D effects>drop shadow> selections> select none.

6. Open element 1, beige frame from Zlata's kit.  Resize to 15%.  Effects>3D effects> drop shadow.  Open paper # 30 or paper of choice from Zlata's kit. Using selecton tool ( shape circle).  Click in center of paper and pull a circle out about 3 and a half inches diameter or to fit behind frame.   Copy and paste frame over paper " as new layer" > layers > merge visible. Set aside for later step.

7. Open element # 17 from Zlata's kit.  Image > resize to 25%.  Use eraser brush and remove stem. Image> rotate right> image> mirror.   Copy and paste onto right side of tag " as new selection" and position 5 blocks from right side and 7 blocks from top of tag > effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections> none.

8. Open element #2 from Zlata's kit.  Image > resize to 17%.  Image>mirror.   Remove stem.  Copy and paste onto left side of tag " as new selection" and keep tip  between 6th and 7th block from left side and 10 blocks from top of tag.  Effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections> none.

9. Open a new file on psp same size as step 1.  Get papered frame set aside from step 6 and copy and paste onto new file "as new layer".  (I am using a very basic beginner technique for this step but if you know layers , do it the correct way).  Open Jennifer Janesko's tube "bedroom eyes", or tube of choice.  Using the eraser brush sized 130, remove bottom edge and up both sides in a circular pattern.  Copy and paste tube onto papered frame "as new selection" and position onto frame. Selections> select none.  Copy and paste onto tag " as new selection" Effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections> select none.

10. Open element # 26 from Zlata's kit.  Resize rose to 25%. Adjust> sharpen.   Copy and paste onto bottom of frame "as new selection" Effects>3D effects>drop shadow> selections> select none.  Left click on rose element and resize again to 85%.  Repeat copy and paste positioning as shown, overlapping first rose.

11. Open element # 23 from Zlata's kit.  Image > resize to 12%.  Using pick tool, push down two blocks from left side and  push down 4 blocks from top . Adjust>sharpen.  Adjust > hue and saturation>hue/saturation/lightness and use these settings: Hue 7, saturation 46, lightness 30.  Positon as shown 6 blocks from bottom and 9-10 blocks from left side of tag. Effects>3D effects> drop shadow.

12. Open element # 21 from Zlata's kit .  Resize to 15%. Adjust >sharpen. Image > resize to 80%. Image> free rotate >right> 25 degrees.  Copy and paste onto tag "as new selection" and position as shown with tip of left brush overlaying frame and bow on paintbrushes overlapping signature scroll> effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections> select none.

13. Open element # 13 from Zlata's kit. Image >resize to 15%.  Using pick tool, push inward one and one half blocks from each side. Deselect tool.  Adjust>hue and saturation> hue/saturation/lightness.  Use same settings in step 11, which should still be there so just click "ok" in window. Copy and paste ribbon onto tag at left side of frame "as new selection".

14. Open pin from Marooned kit.  Resize to 75%.  Image >free rotate > left 20%.  Copy and paste onto ribbon as shown.  Effects>3D effects> drop shadow> Selections> select none.

15. Resize tag to 85 or 90%  , your preference. Adjust>sharpen.  Effects> Xero filter> porcelain.  Settings: Softness 25, Strength 30, Red 20, Green 0, Blue 10. Click OK.
Add proper credits for Jennifer Janesko's tube to your tag  and you are done.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  This tutorial , tag and concept are solely my own creations. Do not copy , reproduce or claim as  your own.  Do not translate.  Do not post to any website, forum, blog or in any group without my permission.

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