Friday, June 4, 2010




1. WSL Mask 254  HERE
2. Rainbow Coffi Lilly and Lilly pad tube  HERE 
3 Black doodle of your choice or one from my collection HERE 

I am using the stunning artwork of Barbara Jensen HERE
Font : Majestic  size 24  stroke width 1.0
Supplies   HERE

*** HINTS *** 
a. Set foreground and background color to : #6a0e2e for the mask
b. For the font , foreground #6a0e2e and background color : #ecc7d6
c drop shadow settings vertical 3, horizontal 2,blur 4.00, opacity 100


1.Open a new file in psp 600 x 600 , tick the transparent box .
( we can resize the tag later )
2. Flood fill  w color set  A, in hints above.
3.  Open WSL mask  , > Layers > new mask layer > from image ,copy and past the new mask layer onto your flood filled file  " as new layer " , merge visible , delete old mask.
4. Copy and paste the iron butterflies doodle from my supplies or the doodle of your choice as " new layer "
5. Open your tube of choice ( headshots work best for this tut ) and copy and paste " as new selection " so that you can positon it as shown , > selections > select none
6. Resize calla lillies by  85% two times , copy and paste " as new selection" on left side of image > selections > select none . Image > mirror > repeat copy and paste onto the right side of image.
7. Copy and paste the ribbon across the bottom of your tube to hide the bottom edge," as new selection" > drop shadow  > selections >select none .
8.Copy and paste your tube " as new image " and resize it by  70 %, copy and paste again and resize by 40 % .. Left click on the  larger of the two image and . , in the layers palette, decrease opacity of the 70% sized tube to 75%,  and  copy and paste as "new layer "onto your image, get the move tool and move it into place sitting just on top of the ribbon on the left side of image  as shown .
9. Get the smallest of the tube image. Using your eraser brush sized to 25 very carefully very lightly push upward at each breast very slightly, enough so that she sits on the ribbon and appears to be blended with it on the ribbon . Copy and paste " as new layer " > move tool >  and move down onto the right side of the ribbon.
10. Copy and paste the lilly pads by Rainbow Coffi onto your image  " as new selection" so that you can place them where you want them  ( i used it three times and spaced them across the bottom of the image  as shown )  . Once placed, drop shadow > selections > select none .
11. Get the ribbon again and resize by  80% , copy and paste onto image " as new selection" > drop shadow> selections > selections none .
12. Add proper credits
13. Save as PNG file

Thank you for trying my tutorial !

This tutorial was concieved and written by Barbie L  in 2010. Please do not copy, reproduce ,or claim as your own . Do not place on any website or group without my expressed written permission .

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