Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy Go Lucky


Happy Go Lucky

1. I am using the beautiful art of Barb Jensen HERE
2, Mask of choice. I used  mask # 5 from Scraps Dimensions HERE
3. Scrapkit by me , BarbieL " Happy Go Lucky " HERE The kit and the tutorial were created by me originally on Feb 19, 2011.  Click the image to download.
4 ** Optional - Xero filter - Porcelain ** 

Let's Get Started
1. Open a new file in psp  600 x 600  pixels, tick the transparent box. Change color in materials palette foreground to #0f7e0e.  Flood fill file using paint tool.  Open SD mask # 5. Layers > new mask layer > from image.  Left click on new mask layer from image and  right click > copy > paste onto flood filled file " as new layer "  Layers > merge visible. Delete originals.

2. Open ribbon 4 from kit. Copy and paste onto mask " as new selection", position in third block from bottom and one and one half blocks from sides should show. > effects > 3D effects > drop shadow >   ( settings > vertical 2, horizontal 2, blurr 3.00, opacity 100, color black ) selections> select none.

3. Open floral back from Happy Go Lucky kit.   Copy and paste  " as new layer" onto tag > layers >merge visible"  . Delete orginal.

4. Open Barbara Jensen tube Irish Dalova. Resize image to 85%. Using eraser brush size 32, remove bottom of tube on a 20 degree angle from left to right downward.  Copy and paste onto floral back " as new selection and position as shown, centered with top of head about halfway above back > effects > 3D effects > drop shadow ( settings > vertical 2, horizontal 2, blurr 3.00, opacity 100, color black ) > click OK. > Selections> select none. Move Barbara Jensen tube to the side for a later step. Do not close it.

5. Open ribbon #2 from kit. Copy and paste onto bottom of tag  " as new selection" . Position as shown so that the left side of ribbon just barely covers fingertips of Barb Jensen tube and so that bottom edge of tube is covered.  Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow > selections> select none.

6. Open Horseshoes from kit  resize to 85%. Copy and paste onto tag " as new selection" onto center of ribbon and position as shown> effects > 3D effects > drop shadow > selections> none.

7. Open  hat from kit.  Resize to 45 % Adjust > sharpen. Copy and paste onto lower left side of tag " as new selection" and position  over ribbon as shown. Selections > select none.

8. Open frame 7 and paper 6 from kit.  Using selection tool, change shape of tool to circle.  Left click on paper 6 and pull outward , sizing circle to about a nickel size. Edit > copy > paste as new image. Delete original paper. Image >  Resize frame #7 to 40 %. Adjust > sharpen. Open Barbara Jensen tube > image > resizet o 65%. Using selection tool, change shape of tool to rectangle, in upper left corner of tube, pull down and to the right and section of head to the shoulders.  Copy and paste onto paper 6 circle " as new selection" and position carefully. > selections > select none.  . Open new file in psp, copy and paste Barbara Jensen head w/ paper onto new file " as new selection"  > selections > select none.  Left click on frame #7  > effects > 3D effects > drop shadow . Copy and paste frame onto headshot " as new selection"  > selection> select none. Copy and paste onto upper left corner of tag " as new selection" > selections> select none.

9.  Open green bow with keys from kit. Image > resize by 85% > edit > repeat resize twice more. Adjust > sharpen . Copy and paste onto bow of frame 7  " as new selection"  > effects > 3D effects > drop shadow > selections > select none.

10.  Image > resize to 90%. Ajust > sharpen.  Add proper credits to tag, save as PNG file.
** OPTIONAL ** - Xero filter Porcelain settings : Softness 35, strength 30, Red 0, green 35, blue 10.

Thanks for trying my tutorial !  Please do not copy, reproduce or claim as your own. Do not post to any website,forum , blog or group without my permission. Tag and tutorial were created by me, BarbieL on 2/19/11 and both are solely my creation and concept. Do not share my scrapkits !!  

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