Thursday, July 21, 2011




1. I am using the art of Barbara Jensen purchase. HERE
2. Scrapkit "Vanilla Butter" by ACowgirlsCreations, HERE
*Drop shadow settings: Vertical 2/Horizontal1/Opacity100/Blur4.00*
Use mask of choice or soft fuzz brush  and texture mosaic antique to creat mask

Let's Get Started.

1. Open a new file in psp sized 600 x 600. Tick the transparent box.

2.  Set material palette colors to #eac282. Using soft fuzz brush or smoke whisper , get paint brush tool, size 150, and lightly tap out an oval shape. Effect > texture> mosaic antique.  Set background aside. Open a new image in psp same as first.

3. Open VB frame 5 from kit. Right click/copy> paste as new image, delete original. Resize frame to 85%. Adjust> sharpen. Effects> 3D effect> drop shadow.  Set aside.

4. Open paper # 1, copy , paste as new image, delete original. Open gold sprinkles. copy and paste onto paper as a new layer> layers> merge visible.  Get selection tool.  Change shape to elipse.  Starting in center of paper, pull out an oval, about the same size as frame, slightly smaller. .  Open tube of choice.  Select layers if necessary.  Copy and paste tube onto paper .  ( I am going to use the easy beginner method here ) . Copy and paste frame over tube.   Go back to tube, use selection tool and change to rectangle. Pull out and down toward right to section off top area of tube . Copy and paste  onto /over tube on paper as new selection. Selections> none.

5. Open greens from kit. Copy/paste as new image.  Resize greens to 85%.  Delete original.  Copy and paste greens onto right side of frame as new selection position as shown> effects> drop shadow.  Selections> none.

6. Open flower doodle from kit.  Copy/paste as new image.  Delete original.  Resize doodle to 80%. Image> rotate right.  Copy and paste onto right side of frame as new selection> effects> drop shadow> select none.

7. Open ribbon 2 from kit.  Copy/paste as new image> delete original.  Resize ribbon to 65%. Copy and paste at base of frame as new selection and position as shown.  Effect> drop shadow> selections> none.

8. Open sparkles from kit.   Copy and paste as new selection onto first file set aside in step # 1 . Layers> merge visible.  Copy and paste file # 2 onto file # 1 as new layer> layers> merge visble.

9. Open owl from kit.  Copy/paste as new image. Delete original.  Image> resize to 85%.
Copy and paste as new selection on bottom left side of frame as shown. Effects> drop shadow. Selectons> none. 

10.  Resize tag to 90%. Adjust> sharpen. Add proper credits and save as PNG

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  Please do not hotlink my tutorials.  Do not copy, reproduce in any part or claim as your own.  Do not post to any website, blog , forum or group without my permission.  Do not translate without my permission.

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