Sunday, July 24, 2011

Autumn Harvest

 Autumn Harvest


1. I am using the art of Barbara Jensen HERE
(find this tube in pinup pack 14) or use tube of choice.
2. I am using my scrapkit "Harvest Time" HERE
3. Optional Xero filter Porcelain.

To use layers on tube, make selections, merge visible, copy and paste as new image and delete the original tube without saving changes.
Drop shadow settings for tutorial Vertical 2/Horizontal 1/Blur 4.00/Opacity100/Color Black.

Let's Get Started.

1. Open new file in PSP size 600 x 600, tick the transparent box.  Using the paint brush tool, choose soft fuzz brush or smoke whisper (size 140) and lightly tap out a circle filling in as you go , about four inches round.  Effects> textures> mosaic antigue.

2. Open chain link fence from kit. Copy and paste as new selection, position centered and 3rd block from bottom of file> selections> select none.  Open wall tube  from kit.  Copy and paste as new selection and position centered as shown over bottom of chain link fence. Selections>select none.

3. Open orange net from kit. Image> resize to 75%. Do not sharpen.  Copy and paste over bottom of chainlink fence as new selections. Position as shown, make sure lowest point on right bottom side of net is in 3rd block from bottom of tag, and left side of mesh is in 5th block from left side of tag. Selections> select none.

4. Open leaf 2 from kit.  Image> resize to 70%.   Adjust>sharpen.  Copy and paste as new selection onto left side of tag, position as shown in first block from left side of file and in 5th block from bottom of file. (from this point on file known as tag) .  Effects> 3D effects> drop shadow using settings in hints above.  Selections> select none. 

5. Open flower 1 from kit.  Image > resize to 40%. Adjust > sharpen.  Copy and paste onto right side of tag as new selection and position as shown. Stay in 6th block from the right side and in 11th block from the top of tag.  Effects> 3D effects> drop shadow. Selections> selections none.  Repeat copy/paste just below and slightly overlapping first flower.   Effects>3D effects> selections> selections none.

5.  Open frame 3 and paper 4 from kit.  Copy and paste paper 4 as new image and delete original. Repeat process for frame .  Using the selection tool, change shape to circle and pull out an area oin the paper slightly larger than inside of frame or slightly larger than a 50 cent piece.   Open a new file in psp same size as in step 1.  Copy and paste selection on paper onto new file " as new layer" . Layers> merge visible.  Get frame,  effects> 3D effects> drop shadow.  Copy and paste frame over  circle paper in new file " as new layer" , use pick took to move if necessary to cover paper > layers > merge visible.  

6.  Copy and paste  frame onto original file/tag " as new selection" and position as shown
stay in 10th block from top of tag and in 5th/6th block from left side . Effects >3D effects> drop shadow. Selections > select none.

7.  Open candle from kit.  Image> resize to 50%. Adjust>sharpen.  Get pick tool, push in one block from left side.  Copy and paste candle onto right side of tag as new selection and positon as shown. Candle should be in 5th/6th block from right side of tag and in 18th block from top of tag. Effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections> select none. 

8. Open pumpkin candle from kit.  Image>> resize to 35%.  Adjust > sharpen.  Copy and paste onto right side of tag as new selection and position as shown in 5th block from right side and in 4th block from bottom of tag.  Effects> 3D effect> drop shadow> selections> select none.

9. Open butterfly from kit.  Image > resize to 22%. Adjust> sharpen.  Image> free rotate> settings : right 15%/free.  Copy and paste butterfly  as new selection onto inside edge of frame on left side as shown.  Effects>3D effects> drop shadow.  Selections> select none.

10. Make layer selections of your choice on Barbara Jensen tube ( or use tube of choice) as noted above in hints.  Copy and paste tube onto tag as shown> effects>3D effects> drop shadow> selections> select none.  If using Barbara Jensen tube and foot on leg is not visible then > Copy and paste entire tag " as new image"  and delete orginal .  You should now be able to see all of the tag/legs at top of tag.   Image > resize to 90%.

11. OPTIONAL :  Xero filter porcelain.  Settings> softness 25, strength 30, red 15, green 10, blue 5.  click ok.   

12. Apply proper credits to tag , save as PNG .

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  This tag and tutorial are both solely my creations. Do not copy, reproduce or claim as your own. Do not post to any website, blog, forum or group without my permission.  Do not hotlink , do not translate.

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