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Cherished Pink



I am using the stunning art (Pckg # 3 Pink a Boo tube) of   Barbara Jensen HERE  
Gem Scraps Mask # 27 HERE
" Cherished " Scrapkit by Cinnamon Scraps HERE
Supplies HERE
Xero Plugin/filter Porcelain HERE
Scrap Element from Palvinka " Summer Sea " freebie HERE  

** Hints **
Drop shadow settings are : Vertical 3, Horizontal 2, Blur 4.00 and  Opacity 0, Color Black
Font Mea Culpa fg color #257484 and bg color #d75285
It would be wise to read the entire tutorial before you begin. This tutorial is done in two parts.
Refer to my tag often to help with placement of elements .

Let's Get  Started !

1. Open a new image in PSP  > File > new . Tick the transparent box . Size 650 x 600 (  we will resize later ) . Set materials palette to #d55084 for f/g and b/g.  Flood fill new image .

2.  Open Gems mask #27. Image > rotate right . Layers > new mask layer > from image. Copy and paste onto new flood filled file " as new layer ".   Get move tool and move this layer upward and to the right 4 blocks from top and  2 1/2 blocks from right side . Layers > merge visible.  Right click on it  > copy > paste " as new selection " positioning as shown, staggering it to the lower left side, overlapping original . This one should be 9 blocks from the bottom and  2 1/2 blocks from the left side. Selections > select none. Delete original Gems mask # 27.

3. Open crystal curtain from supplies. Copy and paste onto mask " as new selection" , position 3 blocks from each side and 19 blocks from the top , 0 blocks from the bottom ( last cyrstal on curtain should be just off the bottom of your tag )  Effects >3D effects > drop shadow using this setting , vertical 2, horzontal 1, blur 3.00 opacity 90. Color black.  Selections > select none. Set curtain aside for later use in this tutorial.

4. Open Blue Stars and Bubbles from supplies. Copy and paste onto mask "as new selection" , position upper left blue bubble five blocks from the top , and four blocks from the left side, to double check this make sure your largest left star is off of the edge so as not to cut it off . Once positioned, > selections > select none.

5. Open babies breath from supplies.  Copy and paste onto right side of image " as new selection" and position one block off of right side of image , about halfway down . Selections > select none.  Image > mirror . Copy and paste babies breath onto left side of tag about 2/3rds of the way down , keeping four blocks off of left edge/side of  image. Selections > select none.

6. Open element 09 from CG/SD sea kit . Resize to 43%. Edit > repeat resize .  Image > mirror . Adjust > hue and saturation > colorize . Settings : Hue 229 , Saturation 223. Click OK . Copy and paste onto lower area of tag " as new selection" , positioning so that left edge of  swirl is  6 blocks from left side of tag and  12 blocks from the bottom of the tag. Selections > select none.

7.  Open Rainbow Coffi Calla Lilly tube from supplies. Image > rotate right . Remove copyright image ( it is not required ) using eraser brush.  Adjust > hue and saturation > colorize . Hue 133, Saturation 153. Click OK.  Resize lilly by 85%.  Copy and paste onto tag " as new selection " , positioning so
that tip of lower Lilly  is  6/1/2 blocks from the right side of tag , and from the bottom edge of tag both. Effects > 3D effects > Drop shadow using settings above in the HINTS  area at top of tutorial. Selections > select none. Left click on rainbow coffi lilly again and  resize by 90%. Copy and paste to the left of the first lilly " as new selecton " .Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow.  Left click on lilly again and resize to 85%.Erase stem about 1/2 , and erase curled leaf off stems.  Copy and paste onto tag" as new selection " positioning on left side of previous lilly.  Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow. 

8. Open crystal curtain again.  Resize by 90%. Adjust > sharpen > " sharpen more " . Copy and paste onto tag again " as new selection" , position to keep level with previous curtain, but just slightly rightward, so that beads fall between previous curtain. Do not drop shadow. Selections > select none. Move this portion of tag to the side ( we will be adding the next portion to it later )

9. Open a new image 650 x 600. File > new .  Open Cinnamon Scrap Cherished frame # 4. Resize by  85%. Adjust > sharpen.. Open star paper from supplies. Copy and paste star paper onto new file " as new layer " Layers > merge visible. Copy and paste frame # 4 onto new image " as new layer " Effects > 3 D effects > drop shadow.  Layers > merge visible.

10. Using selection tool, Halfway down frame # 4, left click and hold  on mouse and capture bottom half of frame by pulling down and rightward to the bottom right side of frame being sure to capture all of frame area. Release > marching ants. Copy and paste " as new IMAGE . Set aside.

11. Open Barbara Jensen tube " pink a boo " . Close off all layers except head/bust shot . Highlight that layer in layers palette. Copy and paste " as new Image " . Resize by  85%. Adjust > sharpen.  Copy and paste onto frame " as new selection " .Position so that  bottom edge of tube should be  just off bottom edge of frame, top of head should exceed boundary of frame ( over the top )  . Effects : 3D effects > drop shadow. Selections > select none.

12.  Get bottom half of frame # 4 which was set aside in step # 10.  Copy and paste onto tag " as new selection"  , positioning to cover bottom edge of Barbara Jensen image , take care to match up all edges evenly , so that it does not appear that frame is in two pieces. Selections > select none. Resize this portion of tag to  90%. Adjust > sharpen.  Copy and paste onto original masked image " as new selection. Be sure to position 7 blocks down from the top and  6 blocks from left edge of tag.

13. Open Cherished beaded string/wire from Cherished  Kit.  Copy and paste onto bottom of frame " as new selection " , position as shown.  Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow.

14. Open  cherry blossom 2 from Cherished Kit .  Resize image by 85% . > Edit > repeat resize  four times, total 5 . Adjust > sharpen . Copy and paste onto right side of Tag/frame as shown. Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow.  Selections > select none.  Resize Cherry blossoms by  85%  . Edit > repeat resize.  Image > mirror .  Copy and paste onto left side of  tag/frame  " as new selection " and position as shown. Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow .

15. Open bow  # 2 from Cherished kit.  Resize bow by  85% . Edit > repeat resize. Adjust > sharpen. Copy and paste " as new selection onto bottom left corner of frame . Do not  drop shadow.  Selections . Select none. 

16. Open butterfly from  supplies. Copy and paste onto your tag where you want them " as new selection" . Selections . Select none. 

17.  Resize tag to 90% . Adjust > sharpen. Effects . Plugins > Xero > porcelain . Use these settings :  
Softness and Strength both 50.  Red 55, Green 0, Blue 60.  All other settings 0.  Click OK.

18.  Apply credits to tag properly . Save as  a  PNG file.  You are done !

Thank you for trying my tutorial.  This tag and tutorial were created solely by Barbie L  on 8/27/10. Please do not copy, reproduce in whole or part or claim as your own. Do not post to any website, forum , group without my expressed/written permission.

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