Saturday, June 5, 2010

Party Time


1. Scrapkit " happy times " from Bea Creations HERE
2. Blue Gradient frame by Sandi's Designs HERE
I am using the stunning artwork of Barbara Jensen HERE

3. Elements from Scrapkit as follows :
a. flowerpot # 9 resize by 85%
b. deco # 2
c. glitter # 1-Blue   ( i had to resize to 120% but i may have resized this kit when i downloaded it months ago , so you will need to play with this to see whats correct by looking at my tag )
d. glitter # 2 -pink.  I resized this one to 110 > flip>mirror
e. flower # 6  resize to 90%
f. Bow # 2 -resize to 90%
g.paper # 2 resize to 50%.

Let's Begin

1. Open a new file in PSP 600 x 600 , transparent

2. Copy and paste your blue glitter # 1 onto your file " as a new layer"> merge visible.

3.  Open glitter # 2 , pink  ( if you havent done so yet ,> Image > flip and Image > mirror this one ) > copy and paste " as new layer " > merge visible.

4. Open Deco curtain,copy and paste " as new selection" onto frame about 1/3 way down, center it well and  it should also  be just off of the bottom of your image  by about a 1/4 inch. > Effects >3D effects drop shadow vertical 2,horizontal 2. > selections> select none . Change drop shadow settings back to vertical 3,horizontal 2.

5. Open gradient blue frame > magic wand > left click inside frame > marching ants> selections > modify >expand by 2.   Open paper # 2. Copy and paste into selection > selections> select none.Effects . 3D effects > Drop shadow.

6. Get Barbara Jensen's tube  " pop tart" . Using the eraser brush, slightly erase bottom of tube in a curve, rounding  the edges. Copy and paste tube onto the frame " as new selection " so you can position it as shown > Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow> selections> select none.

7. Open flower # 6 > copy and paste onto left side of image as shown ( pink flowers should be even with shoulder straps on dress , stay off the edges of your file  as shown ) Effects >3D effects > Drop shadow.  > selections > select none.Left click on flowers  again > Image > mirror > copy and paste onto right side of image as shown > Effects > 3D effects> drop shadow > selections > select none.

8. Open pink bow # 2(,resize by 90%  if you havent already) > copy > paste " as new selection" onto bottom of Barbara Jensen tube to cover edges as shown >Effects > 3D effects> drop shadow > selections > select none
9. Copy and paste resized flower pot on left side of image as shown > Effects >3D effects> drop shadow > selections > select none.> Image > mirror . Copy and paste onto right side of image as new selection   as shown >Effects > 3D effects> drop shadow > selections > select none.

10 If you are going to resize your tag , do it now to  either 85 or 90 % then > Adjust > sharpen. Add proper credits to tag . Save  tag as a PNG file to maintain transparent bg

11. OPTION :  if you would like to use the xero filter for porcelain effect ,get it on the left side of this blog under filters and plugins. Use settings  Red 0, Green 0 Blue 75 % Softness 50. Strength 50.

Thanks for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it

This tutorial was created by Barbie L  on  6/5/10 , Its concept, and creation are solely my own . Please do not copy , reproduce or post to any site without my expressed and written permission. Do not claim as your own.

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