Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garden Fairy

 Garden Fairy


Scrapkit by BlueDreamDesigns HERE
Resize elements as follows :
a. Frame # 3    65%
b. Flower # 1   35%
c. Worm# 1     65%
d. Bug # 2        60%
e. Ribbon # 2   60%
     f. Paper # 7.      50%    
Agi Doodle HERE
Richard Roseman Grid Generator HERE
Font - The nautigal
I am using the beautiful fairy art of  Barbara Jensen

*** HINTS ***
Always save file as PNG when tag completed
Always copy and paste elements " as new selection " unless otherwise indicated
Drop Shadow settings :  Vertical 3, horizontal 2, opacity 100, blur 4
Materials palette f/g and b/g color #fff2be


1. Open a new file in psp 600 x 600 , tick transparent box

2.  Set materials palette colors as above , get paint brush > soft fuzz brush . Set size to 180 > Opacity to 50%. Using a tapping action  on your left mouse click to form a circular pattern on your file staying about 1 to 1 1/2  inches away from all edges (Remember, you only want this shaded are to show about a 1/2 inch around your frame) This is a light color so fill area fairly heavily with the tapping action > Adjust > soften

3. Open Richard Roseman plugin > grid generator , settings as follows :
xGrid 30, ygrid 27 ( this should default )  L line 0, B tran 0,color settins : Line -white bacground > click open, use dropper tool to click anywhere, when materials palette opens type in color # fcea9e. Click OK

4. Copy and paste doodle onto left side of image as new selection > selections > select none. Doodle > image > mirror image> copy and paste onto left side of image., ( its ok if they overlap, this will be covered) Again, stay away from edges, you only want this to show about 1/2 inch beyond your frame as shown )

5. Open frame # 3 > magic wand > place wand inside frame> left click > marching ants. Selections > modify > expand by 2. Open paper # 7 > copy > paste into selection > selections > select none. Copy and paste frame onto image  as new selection > Effects >3D effects > drop shadow > selections > select none.

6.  Copy and  Paste tube of choice onto frame as new selection > Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow > selections > select none . You can use a few methods to blend bottom of tube onto frame, either use the lasso tool, selections tool or you can use my method which is as follows : Use magic wand to highlight all areas at bottom of frame > copy and paste as new image. Place the tube, then copy and paste the image back over the tube to match the frame .( Use this method only if you dont know how to use the other methods.)

7. Copy and paste flower # 1 onto left side of frame as new selection > Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow> selections > select none. Open flower again > image > mirror > repeat copy and paste onto left side > Effects > 3D effects >drop shadow> selections> select none.

8. Open ribbon # 2, copy and paste below frame  as new selection > Effects > 3D effects> drop shadow> selections > select none.

9. Open worm element # 1 , copy and paste as shown on lower left area of tag  as new selection >Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow > selections > select none .

10. Open bug # 2, copy and paste onto bottom of frame as shown  as new selection> Effects >3D effects > drop shadow> selections > select none.

11. If you plan to resize your tag, do it now to 85-90 %, > adjust > sharpen
12. Add proper credits.
13. Save as PNG file

This tutorial was written by Barbie L  and is solely my concept and creation. Please do not copy, reproduce, or claim as your own .Do not post to any site without my expressed / written permission

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