Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wild West Cowgirl

Wild West Cowgirl
1. WSL Mask # 12  HERE
2. Scrapkit Country Jamboree by Chica HERE.
3. I am using the beautiful art of Joan Palaez , purchase HERE
 From the scrapkit use elements :
a. wagon wheel # 1 resize 85%
b. paper # 5 resize to 25 %
c. flower # 9 resize to 85%
d. stitched garden element resize to 65%
e. bead rope # 1 resize to 25%
f. bow # 12 resize to 25%
g. wooden plaque # 4 resize to 75% - use pick tool, pull outward both sides to 1/4 inch, copy and paste as new image
h. wild west wordart  resized to 25%, copy > paste onto wood plaque, drop shadow.
i. cactus  sheet HERE
j. gold ribbon  HERE
k.barrell # 1 resized to 75%

1. Always copy and paste " as new selection " unless otherwise directed
2.Drop shadow  2 horizontal 3 vertical, blurr 4, opacity 100.


1. Open  a new image 600 x 750  ( you can resize later ) Be sure to tick the transparent box.
2. Set foreground and background colors to # 977525, flood fill new image
3. Open WSL mask > layers > new mask layer > from image ,copy and paste mask " as new layer " onto flood filled image > merge visible. Delete mask. Get pick took ( 2nd from top left palette )  stetch colored mask into oval elipse ,copy and paste as new image . ( keep referring to my tag to make sure yours is about the same size )
4. Copy and paste doodle of your choice as new selection onto your elipsed mask >selections> select none
5.Copy and paste resized flower # 9 onto left side of elipsed mask image as new selection > drop shadow > selections . select none.
6. Image > mirror  flower # 9  , copy and paste onto right side of  elipsed mask  as new selection > drop shaodow >selections > select none .
7. Left click on resized wagon wheel # 1 , > magic wand > holding down your shift key, click inside all spokes > marching ants . Copy and paste paper # 5  " into selection " > selections> select none . Copy and paste  wagon wheel onto center of elipsed mask image as new selection, drop shadow >selections> select none.
8. Copy and paste resized barrel # 1 onto left side of flower over elipsed mask image as new selection > drop shadow >selections> select none.
9.  Copy and paste gold ribbon from my fotki at bottom of elipsed image  as new selection, center it , just so it touches the bottom of the barrel ,> drop shadow,>selections> select none.
10. Copy and paste resized stitched garden as new selection onto elipsed image > drop shadow > selections> select none
11. Copy and paste tube of your choice onto image " as new selection " > drop shadow > selection> select none.
12. Copy and paste large cactus image on right side of image as new selection > drop shadow>selections > select none.
13. Copy and paste various cactus images of your choice as new selection > drop shadow >selections> select none.
14. Copy and paste resized and reshaped wooden plaque onto lower middle of image as new selection > drop shadow >selections > select none..
15. Copy and paste resized beaded rope onto left side of image onto spoke as new selection > drop shadow >selections > select none
16. Copy and paste resized bow onto beaded rope as new selecton  > drop shadow >selections> select none .
17. Resize to tag to 85 %  > adjust > sharpness > sharpen
18  Add proper credits
19. Save as PNG file

This tutorial was written by Barbie L  on 6/1/10. Its concept and creation are solely my own. Do not copy, reproduce  or claim as  your own. Do not post to any website or share in any group or post to any group without my expressed/ written permission.

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