Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Fresh Melon Tutorial

Summer Fresh Melon


I am using the lovely art of Barbara Jensen , get it HERE
PTU Scrapkit by BabyCakes Scraps  " SummerFresh" HERE
Animation Shop
Mask of choice
Xero filter/plugin HERE

** Hints **
This tag is animated , not showing here .
Drop shadow settings :  Vertical 2, Horizontal 2, Blurr 3.00, Opacity 90, color black

Let's Get Started

1. Open a new image in PSP. File > new , tick the transparent box in window, size  600 x 600 pixels.
Set foreground in materials palette to color #98be66 , flood fill new file . Open mask of choice.( I used tde mask 34, but was not able to locate the site to direct you, nor do I have their terms of use, and therefore cannot put it in supplies for you .)  Layers > new mask layer > from image. Copy and paste onto new flood filled file " as new layer ". Layers > merge visible. Delete original mask.

2.  Open BCS textured flowers . Image > mirror.  Resize to 85%. Copy and paste onto new tag " as new selection. " , position as shown, top of flower should be just off top edge of tag and bottom left flower should be 3 blocks off of right side of tag. Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow. Selections > select none.

3. Open BCS dot frame ( with flowers and butterfly)  . Resize image by 85%. Edit > repeat resize four more times. Set foreground  in materials palette to  color #d06d73. Flood fill frame . Copy and paste frame onto tag " as new selection", position as shown so that bottom edge of frame is above  grass bank on flowers tube. Effects > 3D effects > selections > select none.

4. Open Barbara Jensen " dot " tube or tube of choice . Close off all layers of tube in layers palette except bottom layer. Highlight layer .  Resize by 75%.  . Copy and paste onto frame " as new selection", position so that bottom edge of tube is flush with bottom inside of frame. Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow > selections > select none. 

5. Open BCS half slice watermelon bitten. Resize to 20% . Copy and paste onto bottom right corner of frame " as new selection ", position as shown, Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow. Selections > select none. Set aside this slice for  step 8.

6.  Open BCS double bow . Copy and paste across bottom of frame " as new selection" , position as shown to cover bottom of Barbara Jensen tube. Effects > 3D effects > 
7. Open BCS watermelon wedge bitten slice . Resize to 40%.  Copy and paste onto left side of frame at bottom " as new selection " . Effects > 3D effects > drop shadow. Selections > select none. 

8.   Copy and paste BCS  half slice watermelon from step 5 " as new selection " and paste over bottom left side  of  wedge slice  melon on left side of tag . Effects > 3D effects > selections > select none. Open circle of sees from BCS kit , resize to 20%. Copy and paste over wedge slice " as new selection"  , selections > select none.,

9. Open the wordart ENJOY from BCS kit .  Resize to 40% . Copy and paste onto bottom of tag " as new selection " , positioning across bottom of tag as shown. Effects > 3D effects > selections> select none.
Add credits to tag

10. Get magic wand . Hold shift key down and left click over  inner green layer of frame and on watermelon slices. Marching ants > release shift key and mouse. Copy and paste " as new image ".

11. Open animation shop.  Copy and paste tag into animation shop.  Copy and paste selections of frame and watermelon into animation shop.  Duplicate both images once.  Left click on frame and watermelon selections . Edit > select all. > Effects > Apply image effect > Noise .

12.  Left click on frame and melon image . Edit > select all > edit > copy . Left click first frame of duplicated   tag . Edit > select all> edit > paste. View > animation.  Save as gif file .

Thanks for trying my tutorial !
This tag and tutorial were created by me BarbieL on 9/4/10 and is solely my creation. Do not copy or reproduce , do not claim as your own. Do not post  to any website, blog, forum or group without my permission. .

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